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6 requests from a hyperactive child

Most often they move by running, communicate by screaming, can’t focus, don’t put the toys away, come into conflict with peers, and their behaviour raises the anxiety of teachers and finally the parents themselves. Sounds familiar? If you are the parent of a child with psychomotor hyperactivity, you probably know the basic principles of living […]


Positive discipline – how can we implement it?

The very word “discipline” evokes different emotions in adults. We often associate it with experiences of our own childhood, where orders and prohibitions were accompanied by fear. Although the intention of the discipline is to change behaviour for the better, improperly issued messages can harm the relationships with our children and in the long term, […]


Words that your child should hear!

It is common knowledge that words have a huge impact on our general development, character development, motivation and perception of the world. What we hear in childhood can resonate in our minds throughout our lives; it affects what kind of people we become and forms our attitude to life and other people. Therefore, it is […]


5 things you should never say to your child

Although we try to educate ourselves, read books and take great responsibility for our parenthood, we encounter situations where all our hard-earned knowledge disappears with emotions that explode in us. It can happen that during such difficult emotional moments we say words that can hurt a child, and even worse leave an emotional scar. Sometimes […]


5 unusual ways to fight sleep disorders

Insomnia, excessive sleepiness, nightmares, waking up or constant fatigue are just some of the sleep disorders faced by an increasing part of the population. Although our knowledge on this subject is growing, the number of people with disorders is still growing dramatically. What if the standard ways to fight them don’t help? Weighted blanket Weighted […]