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Buy a Gravity Blanket and get a £30 coupon to use on a Revolio canvas at Amazon.

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Gravity Blankets What are they for?

Weighted blankets are developed for the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety. While using these blankets, they provide the sensation of being hugged or embraced.

REVOLIO VOUCHER What are the Benefits?

In thanks for purchasing the Gravity Blanket, we decided to give you more! that's why you can receive a voucher worth £ 30 for realizations in our store = where you can find original graphics and canvas prints. It can be both a picture from our gallery as well as your own photo or design, which will certainly help to make positive changes in your interior for the upcoming Christmas time this might be also amazing Christmas gift!

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"Wall revolution"

Keeps memories for longer

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Revolio images

Personalized digitally printed image on canvas. We use only high-class canvas mixed with natural cotton. Our offer includes various compositions of single and multi-part photo paintings, i.e. diptych, triptych or pentaptic.

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Gravity Blanket + Revolio Promo Code

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Gravity® Weighted Blanket

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* the dimensions of our products presented here are nominal values with a tolerance of ± 3 cm
The weight of the Gravity Blanket should be about 10% of the users body weight. Calculate your blanket’s weight

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