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Gravity®Gravity Pillow for adults

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Therapy pillow features:

Our natural, handmade therapy pillows are filled with premium wood shavings and contribute to better sleep.

The calming scent of the wood (Swiss pine or maple) has a relaxing and de-stressing effect and allows you to enjoy a better night’s sleep. We only use wood shavings from naturally fallen trees and guarantee that no tree has been cut for the filling of your pillow. The velour pillowcase is very soft and provides good air circulation. It can be washed separately.

Starting October 2019

A new tree for each pillow

For every pillow sold a new tree will be planted!

Trees already planted: 344

Swiss pine wood – Better sleep

Swiss pine wood is well known for its characteristic and beautiful scent. The aroma has a calming and balancing effect on the body and mind. Swiss pine wood helps to decrease heart rate frequency, which allows you to relax and enjoy better sleep quality.

Maple tree – Stress reduction

The maple tree is mostly known in the form of maple syrup or tea. Maple tree shavings, however, contain many minerals and substances with antibacterial and cooling properties. Maple chips can also reduce swelling and have a de-stressing effect.

Construction of the therapy pillow

Cosy pillowcase

The pillowcase is made of a soft velour material that has one thicker and one smoother side.


The pillow is filled with wood shavings and cotton. Depending on its hardness level the pillow has more or less cotton.

Dust-free wood shavings

The wood shavings are dust-free and clean. Their scent is calming and long-lasting.


The Gravity pillow is filled with wood shavings and has a velour pillowcase. The pillowcase can be washed separately in a washing machine at 40∞.

Best quality from Europe

Our therapy pillows are made of high quality, certified and sustainable materials. The whole production process takes place in Europe.

Product features

High quality, handmade therapy pillows – Each pillow is filled with pine or maple wood shavings that contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Natural effect – The calming and balancing scent of wood chips has de-stressing properties and will allow you to relax your body and mind and feel more energized in the morning.

Sustainable materials – We only work with wood from naturally fallen trees. No tree has been cut for the filling of your pillow.

Breathable pillowcase with a zipper – The pillowcase is made of a soft velour fabric.

Long-lasting scent – The scent of the wood chips is natural and long-lasting.

28 Nights Sleep Guarantee – We guarantee that the quality of your sleep will improve. If not, you will get your money back!


Our therapy pillows are a great alternative to regular pillows thanks to their calming, de-stressing and antibacterial properties. Smell the natural aroma of Swiss pine or maple tree wood and enjoy health benefits like decreased heart rate frequency, better mood, and improved sleep quality.