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Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket

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The Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket ensures a deeper and more restful sleep. It reduces the level of stress and the feeling of anxiety. The recommended weight is 10% of the body weight of its user.
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Properties of the Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket

The Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket applies light pressure, stimulating specialised receptors in the tendons and muscles responsible for providing the correct information about the body's position and the relationship between its general components. Every person needs this essential skill to perform even the simplest activity.

The blanket is made of hypoallergenic materials, meaning you can use it as a cover during night-time sleep, short naps during the day, and as a supplement to exercise.

Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket

High-quality workmanship

Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket

The product has a calming and soothing effect on the body and improves concentration.

The Senso-Rex® blanket, unlike our other blankets, does not have an additional filling layer and a replaceable cover.

High-quality cotton - The cover is made of 100% cotton

Glass microbeads - The weighted insert of the blanket contains high-quality glass microbeads in small chambers that give it the necessary weight.