5 myths about positive thinking

“It will be a great day. I’m well-rested. I will smile at work, and nothing will prevent me from implementing this plan,” you think to yourself encouragingly. Meanwhile, optimism will not repair the broken coffee machine in which you were supposed to make coffee for “this beautiful day.” “Think positively” is one of the least effective methods of positive functioning, around which many myths have arisen. Here are five of them.

Yes, you are right. It is better to be positive than to continue worrying and allowing dark scenarios to run through your mind. The life of an optimist is easier, right? Yes, we also agree on this point. However, coaching magazines give us the impression that we only need the power of a positive attitude to build success, and unfortunately, such a life tactic can lead us the wrong way. It’s something like following a navigation system that directs us to the middle of a lake. So, where does positive thinking have its limits?

1. Positive thinking = success

Let’s start specifically – positive thinking can help you achieve success, but its power is limited. It may be the spark that helps us implement various plans, but it is not what determines our success. Positive thinking is good motivation to help us start a project, something like a discount coupon. It’s nice when we get a discount, but without the money, even with a discount, we can’t buy it anyway. Of course, it’s nice to save a few pounds, but does the money we would save determine whether we will make the purchase or be satisfied with it?

2. Positive: anytime, anywhere

Another myth used in this style of tutorial readers – all or nothing. If I want to be happy, my every move has to be positive; otherwise, it all goes down the drain. That is a nice prospect, mainly because it makes us responsible. In life, however, we must be prepared for the various twists and turns, including those that will not bring a smile to our face or herald a positive ending. Sadness is inevitable, and it’s not wise to try to avoid it. Every emotion, including the negative ones, can be good and cleansing for us.

3. Anything negative is bad

In other words, anything that can hurt us. Whether it be negative thoughts, events, or opinions of others about us. Long ago, in Indian villages, young boys went through all sorts of painful trials designed to prepare them for various life circumstances and events. Today, from the perspective of an optimist society, this is madness! Meanwhile, in the opinions of others, something important may or may not be hidden from us. Something we didn’t want to see, would rather forget, or not know. Perhaps it is something we should take a look at? Perhaps momentary sadness and confrontation accompanied by unpleasant thoughts will allow us to spread our wings and get to know ourselves from a completely different perspective? You will never experience it if you try to live a positive life at all costs.

4. A positive image

Each of us knows a person who spreads only positive affirmations on social media, quotes about achieving success, about being successful in love, and the source of happiness. Although such people try to live positively and according to positive principles, when you take a look at their real life, you get the impression that not everything is as beautiful as it might seem. Besides, people with extremely positive views very often face a complicated and difficult life themselves. It may be better to keep them at a distance.

5. Positive in every sphere of life

The aroma of freshly ground coffee from the brand-new coffee machine on the weekend can inspire a positive spirit in us. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be upset by the loud grinder or a lack of milk in the fridge next weekend. And that’s normal! Each of us has moods and different attitudes, all influenced by the weather, hormones, and… even other people’s mood! And that’s ok too! If you don’t want to walk around frustrated, it’s better to get down to earth and think as your mind and heart tell you!

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