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Mental cool down – 4 unusual ways to calm down on your own

At times everyone feels that “life is an uphill struggle”. Difficult experiences, stressful situations or unrelieved tension generate emotional chaos which makes it difficult to function. We cannot avoid emotions, so it is worth knowing how to deal with them and prepare a “safety valve” for weaker moments. Here are some simple, yet unusual, ways […]


Your success starts in bed!

You start your day with it and end it, you lie down on it when you are tired, and you dream about it when you are overwhelmed by your daily duties. The bed, and more specifically how you sleep in it, affects the functioning of every cell in your body! It is your sleep that […]


Relax… pretending to be a cow!

While this title may sound strange, we have some unusual but effective ways to achieve a state of relaxation, no matter where you are today. You only need 15 minutes! Here are some really simple tricks. 1. Nature on prescription Did you know that Scottish doctors write “contact with nature” on prescriptions of over-stressed and […]


How to eat an elephant, or … how to efficiently get rid of stress

We do not want to become accustomed to stress, but unavoidable situations occur that mean it is present in our lives for some time. Important meetings at work, changing residence, your child has bad school grades, all are difficult situations to avoid but you need to be able to rest somehow. We have a few […]


Enrich your sleep! Try these techniques

You might sleep quite a decent number of hours, but waking up you lack energy for the morning? If your sleep doesn’t feel satisfying, you can try to enrich it. Appraise our techniques and use them for at least a month, and you will see that the effectiveness of your rest will significantly improve. It […]