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5 things you didn’t know about sensory blankets!

The weighted blanket was until recently used only as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of childhood disorders. However today its properties are appreciated by both adults and children who are looking for better sleep. They relax and soothe the nervous system and give an effect similar to a relaxing massage. What else don’t you […]


Be good to yourself – 4 proven ways

Caring for yourself means being able to understand and fulfil our needs that build our self-esteem and emotional independence. Constantly putting the needs of others ahead of your own or seeking external praise almost always leads to a build-up of stress, anxiety, frustration, and regret. How can you avoid this? It is enough to learn […]


Crying – what is it for and why do we need it?

Crying is an emotional reaction that accompanies us from the first seconds of life. It is also often the first message we send to signal our presence in the world. Tears in the next stages of life and adolescence help us cope with the release of tension and stress, but as adults, we often try […]


Anger strategy – it’s not as hard as you think!

Anger is a natural human emotion that each of us encounters in a variety of circumstances – from minor everyday situations, such as being stuck in traffic jams, to deep states related to childhood wounds. Anger usually ranges from irritation and fury, but at certain moments it can take forms that are harmful to our […]


Sensory integration disorders have no age limits

Do you keep stumbling, dropping objects, and people refer to you as the “clumsy” one? Maybe you know someone who doesn’t like to stand out, prefers to stay aloof and avoid crowds? You most certainly have met people constantly on the move, who cannot sit still and love extreme sensations. While these descriptions appear to […]