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Do you know what happens to your body when you are stressed?

Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of small events and stimuli prompt our nervous system to act. Our brain, the computer and management centre for all of life’s functions, processes and interprets millions of data every second. The threatening messages are processed first and require immediate defence response, including those resulting from stress. Are you […]


How to support a child who is afraid?

As parents, we usually want to protect our children from all painful or emotionally difficult situations. When our child seems to be afraid without any specific reason, we feel helpless and want it all to go away. Difficult emotions, however, can still be healthy and completely normal states in every human being. They should be […]


What happens to the body during sleep?

The theories about passivity during sleep were refuted long ago. When we fall asleep, a number of regenerative processes occur in our body. Our cells are renewed, we produce growth hormone, and a very important body repair process is activated. What’s more, the brain organizes all the information it collects when we’re awake and combines […]


Are you tired? This makes you less attractive to others!

It’s no secret that good sleep affects our entire lives; our well-being, motivation, mental and physical condition. According to Swedish researchers, sleep affects a much broader spectrum of our functioning than we might think, including whether we appear attractive to others or not. Research in this area is unambiguous – sleep plays a key role […]


6 requests from a hyperactive child

Most often they move by running, communicate by screaming, can’t focus, don’t put the toys away, come into conflict with peers, and their behaviour raises the anxiety of teachers and finally the parents themselves. Sounds familiar? If you are the parent of a child with psychomotor hyperactivity, you probably know the basic principles of living […]