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You don’t even expect how dangerous the lack of sleep can be!

Almost skeletal silhouette, empty eyes, hallucinations and disorders of almost all body systems. That is how the main character of the movie the Machinist looked like after a couple of months of insomnia. Sleep deficit is devastating both for our body and mind. How serious may be the effects of chronic insomnia? How dangerous are […]


Closer Look at Insomnia – Research Proven Findings

Problems with concentration, sense of unreality, headaches, constant fatigue and a frequent inability to focus on daily routine activities – these may be the consequences of just one sleepless night. It is not hard to imagine then what impact on our functioning may have a chronic insomnia. What is insomnia scientifically and what are the […]


What lies behind frequent yawning during the day?

Sleepiness during the day happens to everyone. Sometimes we explain it with air pressure variations, insufficient sleep, and in most cases – with too much work and stress. When we face such states once in a while there is no need to worry. Unfortunately phrases such as “constant fatigue and lack of energy”, “daytime sleepiness” […]


Sleep Apnea – Cunning Stalker

Although the very name of the disease sounds very serious, its symptoms are very often ignored and associated with completely different problems. Sleep apnea is a mixture of day time and night time symptoms such as a feeling of constant fatigue, morning headaches, memory gaps, irritation or snoring. Recent studies have shown that untreated sleep […]


Lack of Sleep is Dangerous – 10 Reasons

It is clear that the general length of sleep is shorter than ever before. Every now and then we hear phrases like: the day is too short, 7 hours of sleep is a luxury, or you`ll sleep when you`re dead. Not everyone, however, realizes that the insufficient duration of sleep regeneration can have very serious […]


Who are sleepwalkers?

For many years it was thought that somnambulism, also known as sleepwalking, is related to hysteria. Fortunately, many years of research have resulted in a new theory that classifies sleepwalking as typical sleep disorder. During the night time unconsciousness, we can perform a number of complex motor activities, such as walking, eating, and even conducting […]

gravity blanket

Is it possible that insomnia is inherited?

The excessive stress, extreme pace of life and electronic devices preventing our rest were until recently thought to be the main reasons for problems with sleep. However, a recent study sheds some new light on insomnia and its causes. As it turns out, it can result from genetic predisposition and its occurrence among relatives. Staying […]


Sleep Problems May Affect Relationship Satisfaction

Researchers are still sounding the alarm: sleep is a very important element of everyday life, and its neglect significantly affects not only our functioning but also relationships with other people. This is an increasingly serious problem that concerns even half of all couples! It turns out that when analysing growing relationship issues, we should also […]


What Happens to Your Body During Sleep?

Theses on passivity during sleep have already been refuted a long time ago. When we fall asleep a number of regenerative processes take place in our body. Our cells renew, growth hormone is produced and a very important body repair processes are activated. What is more, at that time the brain starts to organise and […]


Interview with Oligophrenologist

We are preparing a series of interviews about weighted blankets for you. On the internet, there is very little information about professional usage and knowledge of weighted blankets. That is why we would like to discuss and explore this topic further. The first is an interview with Oligophrenologist and massage therapist -Edyta Tyszkiewicz. What experience […]