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Sensory integration disorders have no age limits

Do you keep stumbling, dropping objects, and people refer to you as the “clumsy” one? Maybe you know someone who doesn’t like to stand out, prefers to stay aloof and avoid crowds? You most certainly have met people constantly on the move, who cannot sit still and love extreme sensations. While these descriptions appear to […]


Overstimulation? This is not only a children’s problem

Although we attach a great deal of importance to health and well-being, excess stimuli usually remain in the sphere reserved for childhood ailments. As adults, we see the causes of our frustration, crises or deterioration of health mainly as a result of excessive tension and stress. Meanwhile, overstimulation plays an extremely important role here, and […]


Ordinary pessimism or a disease? Generalised anxiety disorder

Constant despondency, irritability and excessive worry about everyone around us can under certain circumstances take a dangerous form. Generalised anxiety syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by constant fear and anticipation of impending misfortunes. Tensions, stresses and associated difficult emotions in most cases do not go beyond the accepted norms of daily functioning. However, […]


Mental cool down – 4 unusual ways to calm down on your own

At times everyone feels that “life is an uphill struggle”. Difficult experiences, stressful situations or unrelieved tension generate emotional chaos which makes it difficult to function. We cannot avoid emotions, so it is worth knowing how to deal with them and prepare a “safety valve” for weaker moments. Here are some simple, yet unusual, ways […]


Your success starts in bed!

You start your day with it and end it, you lie down on it when you are tired, and you dream about it when you are overwhelmed by your daily duties. The bed, and more specifically how you sleep in it, affects the functioning of every cell in your body! It is your sleep that […]