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5 benefits of sleeping … naked!

It slows down skin ageing, helps you lose weight, and even has a positive effect on relationships. How is it possible that sleeping naked can be so beneficial? Who likes to sleep naked? The fact that we sleep about 30% of our lives is no surprise. You probably know that sleep is one of the […]


Do you sleep it off at the weekend? You can gain weight or get sick!

Monday is coming and you are already thinking the weekend will be when you next get a good night’s sleep? If you use your work-free days to make up for sleep deficiencies, be careful. According to scientists, such techniques have an extremely negative effect on our health! What’s more, lounging in bed for more than […]


Do you sleep poorly? A migraine awaits you, but … not immediately

The latest reports from scientists show that people who sleep fragmentarily, e.g. new parents, are more likely to experience migraines. Interestingly, it does not occur immediately, but we will feel its effects after a few days. Why? Less sleep does not cause a headache, however … A team of researchers from the Brigham & Women’s […]


Can deep sleep help with anxiety?

The relation between insufficient sleep and mental disorders has long been a source of interest for scientists. The latest research published in the journal of Nature Human Behaviour shows that experiencing anxiety can be strongly associated with frequent sleep deprivation. Furthermore, specialists suggest that deep sleep is one of the most effective natural ways to […]


Lack the desire to go on, not in the mood? It can be dysthymia!

Dysthymia is a chronic disease that patients struggle with for many years. However, many people with dysthymia do not seek help. Why? Often they do not realize that the conditions they experience are due to disease and usually neglect the accompanying symptoms. Around other people, they are perceived as colourless, introverted, uninterested in entertainment and […]