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On this page, you will find information about our shipping and return policies. We manufacture and ship our blankets from Poland.

Free shipping currently takes 10 business days.

Shipping to all European Union countries is free.

Free UK shipping for all orders over 100£.

The shipping cost of one weighted headband is £ 15

Shipping to Switzerland and Norway costs £ 59 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Iceland costs  £79 (Air shipment TNT economy) 199 (Air shipment TNT Express).

Shipping to Dubai, Qatar, ZEA, Oman, KSA costs £ 59 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Kuwait, Jordan costs  £99 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Cyprus costs  £49 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Gibraltar costs  £30 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Monaco costs  £19.95 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Malta costs £79.00 (Air shipment TNT ) £149.00 (Express Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Singapore costs  £90 (Air shipment TNT).

Shipping to Australia, New Zealand and RSA costs (Air shipment TNT):

4kg – £35

6kg – £39

8kg – £44

10kg – £49

12kg – £ 59

If you order from outside of the EU, you are responsible for paying any Customs duties.

How to calculate the additional amount of duty fees?

All orders that are less than £ 15 are exempt from customs duties.

For orders between £ 15 and £ 135, you will need to add approximately £ 24 clearance fee.

If your order value is over £ 135, you will need to add the clearance fee (£ 24), customs duty of 12% of the order price and the average freight price (approximately £ 12). In addition, you need to add 20% VAT on the total amount of the order plus the amount of transport plus the value of customs duty.

These are estimated amounts and may slightly change.



You have the right to return or exchange your blanket within 100 days after receiving your package, if unsatisfied with your purchase. You can only exchange your blanket once and only for a different weight. The other items are non-exchangeable.

Please be advised that the customer bears the cost of returning the goods, and the goods must be returned to us intact, not damaged. The return policy does NOT apply to promotional and sale items.  Therefore such items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

All return requests must me approved before you send it back to us.If you wish to return your blanket contact us beforehand at:

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