How do weighted blankets works

Due to the use of heavy filling, weighted blankets create a gentle pressure, the effect of which is felt when placed on the body as relaxation. The deep pressure created this way transmits the same signal to the brain as the one produced by a loving embrace.

Gravity® Weighted Blanket sleeping woman

Our blankets weigh up to 12 kg and should be individually selected according to body weight and personal feelings.

With the right weight, the secretion of the happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin is supported, and at the same time the level of cortisol (the so-called stress hormone) is reduced.

The result is an euphoric feeling of complete relaxation of the body and nervous system.

Weight not only positively affects sleep, allowing you to reach deep sleep more quickly, but also while relaxing on the couch, reading and watching TV. Sufficient regeneration of the body and mind, which can be achieved by improving the quality of sleep and intensive relaxation, undoubtedly has an impact on health and professional life.

Using a blanket like this can reduce stress levels, solve sleep problems and increase productivity. Peace and balance replace irritability and inner restlessness.

Senso-Rex® Weighted Blanket Kids laughing children

Read more about the positive effects of weighted blankets on various diseases, disorders and symptoms:

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