Weighted blankets help with ADHD and ADD

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The so-called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is subject to many different clinical symptoms that develop mainly in childhood and can be explained by the action of neurons and are often inherited.

Often there are difficulties concentrating and inattention that have an impact on social behavior at school and in everyday life. Especially when the disorder develops in a hyperactive and impulsive way, it is difficult for children to focus on a specific activity. This hyperactivity, combined with comorbidities such as insomnia and anxiety disorders, leads to overstimulation and fatigue.

Children with ADHD are already exposed to many stressful situations: school performance, social contacts have been reduced, and the body is getting little rest. In addition to numerous treatment options, such as therapies or medications, there is a natural opportunity to improve at least sleep and thus automatically other factors in a child’s life. Using a weighted blanket can improve sleep quality, which in turn has a positive effect on coping with everyday life.

The weight of the blanket affects the muscles, tendons and joints, thanks to which deep feeling is supported more intensively and the body can be better controlled. This is especially important with this disorder, because the impressions of the day are very overwhelming and the feeling of calming down and being present here and now is lacking. The happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin are responsible for the occurrence of relaxation, the release of which is promoted by covering yourself with a weighted blanket. Muscles and nervous system relax, anxiety is reduced, and the body can recover from the accumulated stress and tension more easily.

The summary:

  • Improve sleep quality with a weighted blanket and relax a highly stressed body.
  • Counteract overstimulation and hyperactivity with greater balance throughout the day.

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