1. 1. How do weighted blankets work?

      Covering yourself with the blanket creates a pleasant feeling comparable to being cuddled. The blanket is tailored to the body’s weight, and, through its action, the body releases the happy hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin. At the same time, the cortisol level (stress hormone) decreases. As a result, your sense of security increases. You feel more relaxed and find it easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night while reducing anxiety.

      You can read more about how weighted blankets work here.: How do weighted blankets works

    1. 2. How are weighted blankets made?

      Our blankets are handmade with Öko Tex Standard 100 certified materials. The entire manufacturing process takes place in Europe. Providing fair working conditions and using sustainable materials throughout production is important to us.

      You can find more information about our therapy blanket’s manufacturing process here: Manufacturing in Europe

    1. 3. How do therapeutic blankets help?

      The uses of weighted blankets are very varied.
      As well as reducing sleep problems and stress levels, the blanket also has a positive effect on conditions such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, and dementia. Its weight promotes calmness and relaxation of the body and mind after a stressful and anxious day. It reduces anxiety, making it easier to control
      weighted blanket man reading a book

    1. 4. How effective are weighted blankets?

      We decided to check the impact of Gravity® weighted blankets on sleep and well-being. We conducted research in which our customers took part. Check the results and see why you should trust us.
      The aim of the research was to determine what effect the use of a weighted blanket has on the human body. You can read detailed information about the research on Gravity weighted blankets here: Research

    1. 5. Which weight blanket is most suitable for me?

      Our therapeutic blankets are available in several weights and sizes. The weight of a weighted blanket should be approximately 10% of your body weight. If your weight falls between two categories, we recommend choosing the heavier one.

    1. 6. How do I use a therapeutic blanket correctly?

      To increase the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket, we recommend using it daily. Our weighted blankets are ideal for a relaxing afternoon nap, as a soothing companion on the sofa, during meditation and, of course, during normal sleep. Many people also find that working with a weighted blanket on their lap improves concentration.

      Do you have additional questions about the proper use of therapeutic blankets? Check out the application.
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    1. 7. How heavy can a child’s weighted blanket be?

      The child’s safety is paramount when it comes to weighted blankets. Please note that we recommend the use of blankets for children who are over one year old. The child must be able to remove the blanket himself. The weight of the blanket should not exceed 10% of your child’s body weight. It is best to try out the weight of the weighted blanket recommended for your child and see the reaction: if you notice discomfort, you can replace it with a lighter one. Such a process requires proper testing.

    1. 8. Can everyone use weighted blankets?

      The use of a weighted blanket is, in principle, completely safe. However, we do not recommend using it if you suffer from breathing disorders such as asthma, sleep apnoea, or heart or blood pressure problems. Patients with diabetes should also consult their doctor before using the blanket. Please note that choosing a lighter blanket or placing it on a selected part of your body is always an option to avoid causing any distressing symptoms.

  1. 9. Do health insurance companies cover the cost of a therapeutic blanket?

    So far, the weighted blanket is not on the list of reimbursable therapeutic devices. Nevertheless, it is worth submitting a claim because, in some cases, health insurance companies may reimburse part of the purchase price of products not on their list. Ideally, your application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation and prescription from your doctor, physiotherapist, or therapist. We are happy to provide a cost estimate on request.

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