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Senso-Rex, the company behind GravityBlankets®, was founded in 2013 out of necessity. There was an autistic boy with an urgent need for a weighted blanket but most such products available on the market were simply not affordable. For this reason, the founders of Senso-Rex decided to manufacture the blanket themselves. We have quickly gone from one blanket to many…

The blankets were initially sewn in a small apartment and sold mainly in Poland. Now we are located in a large modern building and employ over 50 people. Our weighted blankets are purchased and valued by customers from all over the world. It is thanks to our people, who we believe are at the heart of the business, each blanket is crafted and manufactured with care. Positive and fair relations among our team help to bring a good working atmosphere comfortable for everybody. We have employees from different age groups and each of them offers their own individual insight and a unique character. We attach great importance to engage mentally and physically impaired persons in a part of manufacturing process. We are proud of our high-quality GravityBlankets® which are created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process which takes place entirely in the EU.

We take our responsibility very seriously to offer our customers – whether children or adults – the best possible product. The GravityBlankets® are intended to give you a peaceful and healthy sleep and to ensure that our employees have a good place to work in every day.

It is our wish and goal to reach as many people as possible who can benefit from our weighted blankets. There is a great interest from hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens. We will maintain our high standards for the quality of products and continue to expand our business to help as many people as possible who are suffering from stress, sleep problems or developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism, Asperger`s or Down`s syndrome and to confirm our position as the market leader in Germany, United Kingdom and Poland.

For further questions please visit our FAQ or leave us a message.

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