Earn money on Weighted Blankets

We invite wholesale customers, online stores, and brick and mortar shops to cooperate
with us to expand business with our products.

Why work with us?

We offer conditions that are convenient for you.


Our blankets enjoy the recognition of retail customers and are renowned in the market both at home and abroad.


Discounts are available from the very first ordered product for our business partners.


We promote our brand and educate potential customers. Since 2018 we spent 600 000 EUR on advertising and public relations.


We manufacture the blankets in our factory in Poland and we are able to make non-standard orders for you. This means you can create your own brand of weighted blankets.

You can form a drop shipping cooperation or purchase our products wholesale.

Who we are?

Senso-rex is the leading company in the production of weighted blankets in the Polish
market and one of the leaders in the European markets. Our blankets are sent to more than 20 countries around the world.

Do you want to include our products in your business?

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    What does cooperation with us look like?


    We share our knowledge, experience, and help in choosing the product that best suits your company's profile.

    Our brand

    We have our own brand of blankets or we manufacture under the client's brand (white label model).

    Discount system

    We offer a flexible system of discounts.

    Production and shipping

    Production and shipping of blankets take place in the shortest possible time. The location of our warehouse is a guarantee of fast delivery throughout the entire EU. (1-5 days from dispatching)

    What are our guiding values


    Caring for employees

    our employees are our greatest asset. It is because of them that we can build and develop a stable and modern company.



    we respond to the needs of the market and customers by personalising orders.



    we ensure high-quality products and are very proud of our excellent customer service.


    Good relations

    our clients are our partners. Building and maintaining good and lasting relationships allows us to achieve more together.


    Where are our warehouses located?

    Warehouses map


    How to begin cooperation?

    If you are interested in cooperation, please write to us here

    What are the minimum order quantities?

    It all depends on which principles you want to operate. We have flexible quantitative thresholds to adapt to the needs of our clients.

    What does the blanket market look like, and do the products sell well?

    The blanket market is constantly growing. We are seeing a 400% sales increase. At the same time, more people discover weighted blankets and are convinced of the effectiveness of our product. There’s an increasing interest as well. Weighted blankets are very promising products and a chance for stable sales growth in your store.

    How are prices set?

    Wholesale prices depend on the size of the order. If you want to read our price list, write to us here

    Can I sell your products abroad?

    You can sell our products in all foreign markets except Germany and Austria, where we have our exclusive representatives.

    Can I count on help in choosing an assortment?

    We advise our clients on the assortment selection, taking into account the company's profile and current market trends.

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