Weighted blankets help with anxiety and panic attacks

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What are anxiety and panic attacks?

People with anxiety and panic attacks suddenly find themselves in a state of emergency for no apparent reason. This state cannot be overcome alone or can only be overcome with difficulty and can take quite some time. It is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, heart palpitations, restlessness and loss of thought control. Depending on their severity, these fears and panic attacks can limit social interaction and strongly affect a person’s life.

How can a weighted blanket help with anxiety and panic attacks?

A weighted blanket offers the possibility of reducing these anxiety states. The problem that those afflicted with a drug condition often can no longer think or feel very clearly. These both ailments can be counteracted by a weighted blanket. Adequate weight can make the body feel more sensible, intensify perception and increase the feeling of being here and now.

Covering yourself with a weighted blanket can help your body shut down faster and put it into sleep mode. The weight of the blanket positively affects the muscles, tendons and joints, allowing you to better control your body. The hormone of happiness – serotonin and the sleep hormone – melatonin are responsible for this. They are being released while using the blanket to support and restore our internal balance. In addition, the gentle pressure that the blanket puts on the body reduces the level of cortisol (the so-called stress hormone). Muscles and nervous system relax, anxiety is reduced, and the body can recover from the accumulated stress and tension more easily.


  • A weighted blanket enhances the perception of your own body and surroundings.
  • Situations of fear and panic can be better controlled and reduced.

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