Weighted blankets help you cope with stress

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What causes stress?

Stress is a common phenomenon these days, mainly due to work requirements and constant availability. Things like negative headlines, annoying mobile notifications, and doing lots of things at once can be a burden that has a huge impact on sleep. Restlessness and nervousness are effects of stress that can no longer be turned off, just when you really need to relax. Everyone knows stress, and yet it is often underestimated. If there is no compensation or reduction in stress, it can turn into permanent states with, for example, tension, anxiety, and negative changes in eating habits.

How can a weighted blanket help with stress?

There are several methods of counteracting stress and its effects that can be helpful. In addition to doing sports and a healthy diet, a weighted blanket can also initiate a break and contribute to better recovery. Especially when there is often little time for sleep, it is important that this time is used to regenerate cells. The sensations of the day are still buzzing in your head and make falling asleep a challenge.

How can a weighted blanket help?

The use of a weighted blanket can help your body shut down faster and put it to sleep. Its weight affects the muscles, tendons and joints, thanks to which deep feeling is supported more intensively and you can better control the body. The happy hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin are responsible for this, the release of which is supported and restored after you cover yourself with a weighted blanket. In addition, the pressure of the blanket on the body reduces the level of cortisol (the so-called stress hormone). Muscles and nervous system relax, anxiety is reduced, and the body can recover from the accumulated stress and tension more easily.

The summary:

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, a weighted blanket provides important breaks for rest and relaxation.
Its weight helps to calm down and relax the body and mind after stressful and restless days.

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