Weighted blankets help with Asperger’s syndrome and autism

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Autism is a developmental disorder that can be noticed already in early childhood. Asperger syndrome is a type of autism and can be diagnosed from the age of 4. These children find it difficult to communicate with other people, and it is usually difficult for them to recognize and understand the expressions and intentions of the other person. They often focus on a few interests in which they may be distinguished by exceptional giftedness. Even though the behavior of a child with autism may seem strange to the outside world, it is important not to call it a disease, but rather to provide the child with a suitable environment. Since symptoms such as sleep disturbance, hyperactivity, restlessness and aggression are common in diagnosed autism, a weighted blanket can also help.

The weight of the blanket affects the muscles, tendons and joints, thanks to which deep feeling is supported more intensively and the body can be better controlled. This can be especially helpful for autism, which is exposed to many challenges in everyday life that appear to be problem-free for non-autistic people. This suppressed overload and the resulting stress can be reduced by increasing body perception and creating harmony between body and mind.

The happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin are responsible for the occurrence of relaxation, the release of which is supported by the weighted blanket. The muscles and nervous system are relaxed, anxiety is reduced, and by lowering the level of cortisol (the so-called stress hormone), the body can more easily free itself from the accumulated aggression and tension. Falling asleep becomes easier and sleep is calmer.

The summary:

  • Symptoms such as restlessness and aggressiveness can be relieved with a weighted blanket.
  • Weight relieves the body of accumulated stress and excessive overload in everyday life.

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