The benefits of weighted blankets

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Weighted blankets have many advantages that people with very different problems can take advantage of. Mostly it concerns health problems that are directly or indirectly related to the subject of sleep.

In addition to sleep disorders and stress, diseases such as ADHD and anxiety disorders can also have a large impact on sleep, as well as on the social environment and personal well-being. Bad sleep is a challenge not only for your spiritual feelings, but also for your health. During sleep, the body undergoes important regeneration processes for cells, brain and nervous system. In addition, what we have experienced and learned during the day is processed. It is not only the length of sleep that plays an important role, but also its efficiency. Restless sleep and constant awakening interrupt these processes, which significantly reduces the ability to concentrate and act the next day.

A weighted blanket can help you sleep and revive these processes. Its weight positively affects the body, making it relaxed. Through pressure, sleep hormone is released and you fall asleep faster. For sleep problems caused by various reasons, it can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and all the problems associated with it. You do not need to take any medications, because only weight determines the effect and improvement.

The use of a weighted blanket is simple and intuitive. Even if you get used to the weight, the noticeable effect can be restored by taking a break. A weighted blanket can be used both during sleep and during daily rest. It is used for sleep therapy and as a companion in everyday life.

The summary:

  • Weighted blankets have a relaxing effect on the body and helps you fall asleep faster, which has a positive effect on everyday life and work.
  • Their weight help to calm down and relax the body and mind after stressful and restless days.
  • Fear and panic situations can be better controlled and reduced.
  • Counteracts overstimulation and hyperactivity thanks to greater balance throughout the day.

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