How to work from home?

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The new reality of working from home has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, many of us find it hard to remember the world before the pandemic. When work becomes a permanent feature in your home, it is often difficult to deal with it. It is tough to separate the two spheres – private and professional. We will help you ensure the comfort of your work and physical and mental health in a few steps.

1. Organize your office

Research shows that many people complain about not having their own workspace. Mothers, in particular, complain about the need to have a place to perform their duties. Usually, they have to meet the needs of children and perform household and work duties. How can you handle all of this?

Separate your workplace. First of all, you need the right desk and ergonomic chair. Many of us cannot afford to buy new, often very expensive, equipment or we do not have room for it in our apartment. In such a case, there are a few tricks that will make your work more enjoyable. Stimulate your muscles with weight-bearing accessories – use a collar, cushion, and headband designed for this purpose.

Move the desk under a window for fresh air and daylight. Pay attention to details – plants and objects that make you happy but do not distract you from your work. Tidy up your desk and get rid of unnecessary things – this will allow you to focus on work.

2. Take care of your body

Make sure to plan breaks and exercise. It doesn’t have to be hours of intense exercise! All you need is a thirty-minute walk, a few sit-ups, a bike ride, or a cup of coffee on the balcony or terrace. It’s important to do this outside the home – get out in the fresh air to oxygenate your body and get rid of obsessive thoughts about work. Watch nature, smile, and take a break from work. The right amount of oxygen will stimulate your brain to work more efficiently. You will come back full of energy and enthusiasm for further mental effort. Our eyes are condemned to looking at the computer screen for a long time – it is not good for us. In order to protect our eyesight, we must look into the distance, which is why being in the open space forces us to practice correct habits.

When you feel your concentration dropping, use a weighted pillow. It is a good habit to introduce a 15-minute nap during the day, which will give you more benefits than you can imagine! Anyone who owns a Gravity blanket knows that 15 minutes under this product will make the next part of the day more productive!

3. Rules, rules, rules

Introduce rules to your family, and follow them. Keep them simple and understandable. Start by specifying hours for hard work and times for breaks. Consider the needs of all household members. Introduce regular meal times and some physical activity. These simple measures will help you organize your day and give it the right rhythm. It is also a good way to separate your private and professional life. Often, work can imperceptibly begin to take up more of our lives than we think. How about you? Can you keep it separate?

4. Relax

Theoretically, we now have more time to sleep. We don’t have to rush to the bus, tram, or train in the morning to get to work. On the other hand, the thought of spending the entire evening in front of the TV is tempting. Many of us spend hours watching Netflix. There is nothing more disastrous! After working many hours in a sitting position, our bodies are begging for a suitable form of rest! Remember to sleep long enough, give your body time to rest, regenerate, and fight the stress accumulated during the day. To help your body rest – calm down and turn off the TV and mobile phone – this will help you relax effectively. Cover yourself with a weighted blanket or put a weighted pillow on selected parts of your body – the slight pressure will make your muscles relax, and you will feel a pleasant relief.

5. Get dressed!

Do you work in pyjamas? Has the tracksuit become your second skin? Or do you happen to work from bed? All you have to do is get up in the morning, put on the right clothes, and sit at your desk, and your work efficiency will improve dramatically! A bed, pyjamas, or bathrobe makes us sleepy, and our body prepares for rest. This is due to habits and certain ingrained rituals. To subconsciously stimulate our body, it is enough to take care of morning hygiene and get dressed! It’s an easy step to waking up effectively, and it’s quite enjoyable to have a reason to look nice. You will see, the effect is guaranteed!

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