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New Year’s Resolution – Get enough sleep!

The beginning of each new year is an opportunity for many of us to reflect, analyse what happened, and implement changes. Although after 2020, we may conclude that just ordinariness is enough for us to live better. However, it is worth taking the time to work on our habits, state of happiness, satisfaction, or mental […]


Problems keep me awake!

We are all having tough times in our lives, and when problems continue to arise, they can start to pile up. A heavy load of stress and the ensuing adrenaline rush in our body certainly does not help us function normally. It takes extra energy and deprives us of needed rest. The scenario repeats itself […]


Patience and self-control in a child – how to train them?

We don’t like waiting, but we often expect it from our children. Sometimes, the reason is for their safety, and sometimes it is required by savoir-vivre. Fortunately, there are ways that your little one can practice patience and self-control without becoming bored. As it turns out, the effectiveness lies in the simplicity of activities! 1. […]


How can I fight fear? 5 effective ways

If we look closely, our lives can include all sorts of fears. Development, overcoming barriers and acquiring new skills are always associated with challenges that might be fear-inspiring. These difficult emotions are completely natural and necessary, but sometimes they paralyse us and prevent us from completing activities that lead to achieving our goal. How to […]


Monday syndrome – 4 ways to overcome it

It is said that “Monday is the most hated day of the week, right after Sunday.” Although few people are eagerly waiting for the end of the weekend, too much tension and stress associated with it can take on disturbing proportions. To avoid the negative effects of constant irritation, anxiety and fear, it is worth […]