Monday syndrome – 4 ways to overcome it

It is said that “Monday is the most hated day of the week, right after Sunday.” Although few people are eagerly waiting for the end of the weekend, too much tension and stress associated with it can take on disturbing proportions. To avoid the negative effects of constant irritation, anxiety and fear, it is worth implementing a few simple ways that will stop making you think about Monday in this negative way.

“Sunday neurosis”, “Monday blues”, “Monday syndrome”, “Sunday afternoon syndrome” – although the names differ from each other, they all mean one thing – stress related to Monday and most often – going to work. Instead of thinking about the weekend’s ending and the new week being a “disaster,” it’s better to devote that energy to change. Changes that will help us redirect our obsessive thoughts and turn them into positives. How to do it?

1. Charge your batteries

Unfortunately, sleep is absolutely the basis of human functioning, and without it, everything you try to do will be pointless, and certainly have no effect. It’s like a phone with no battery – although we have the equipment, maybe even the highest class, it will be useless when we cannot make a connection, use a browser or an e-mail box. Sleep is a powerful machine that regulates all the most important processes in our body. We feel better, have better concentration, we think positively more often, and we look for solutions to problems more efficiently – it has been proven! Therefore, if you burn a candle at both ends on Sunday to postpone Monday, the effect will be opposite and magnified. Your rage, regret and irritation will then be greater. Ask yourself: is it worth it?

2. Reorganize your calendar

When you plan all the pleasures and meetings for the weekend, it’s no wonder that the rest of the week seems extremely unattractive to you. If you want to avoid the serious consequences of constant Sunday or Monday tension, you need to reorganize your daily routine. Make sure you do at least one thing each day that will please you – have a coffee with caramel, read a newspaper article, have a meditation session or take a break from work, or take a walk in a nearby park. Seemingly small things contribute to big effects, so you need to invest in them. For example, could you go to a restaurant on a weeknight?? Try to stretch your entertainment occasions over the whole week. It helps!

3. Challenge your thoughts

You’ve probably heard that “90% things we fear never happen”, right? It is a similar situation with our fears, including those about Monday. Before obsessing over the impending Monday disaster, take a moment to think logically about what will actually happen tomorrow. List tasks to be performed, duties, but also schedule time for breaks and one pleasure just for yourself. You will see, your fear is probably disproportionate to your actual obligations, and proper planning will protect you from further tensions.

4. Summary of the day

It’s a very simple task, and if you put effort into it, you can completely heal yourself of the Monday Blues. All you have to do is write down or point out things in your head every Monday before going to bed that you have succeeded in, that have been positive, have improved your mood, you liked, or that made you feel good / better. After a while, you will discover that “the devil is not as black as he is painted” and Monday is a normal day of the week – same as the others. Not only that, after some time you should also notice that Monday can be just as cool as the weekend, you just need to plan it properly!

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