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8 traits of a highly sensitive person

They see and feel more, stronger, and deeper. Within seconds, they absorb a huge amount of stimuli and recognise the emotions of others with extreme accuracy, but they also efficiently absorb those emotions. Furthermore, they have a good sense of humour and extremely rich imagination. How else can you recognise an HSP? Here are 8 […]


5 myths about positive thinking

“It will be a great day. I’m well-rested. I will smile at work, and nothing will prevent me from implementing this plan,” you think to yourself encouragingly. Meanwhile, optimism will not repair the broken coffee machine in which you were supposed to make coffee for “this beautiful day.” “Think positively” is one of the least […]


Is insomnia the same as sleep deprivation? 

Trouble sleeping – insomnia. Sleepless nights – insomnia. Problems with falling asleep – insomnia. For most of us, “insomnia” is a bottomless pit into which, without much thought, we throw all of the irregularities related to a good night’s rest. Meanwhile, although insomnia has many names, it is easily mistaken for other disorders. A sleepless […]


Why do insomnia and depression go hand in hand?

Depression, according to WHO, is currently one of the most common and life-threatening mental diseases. It is estimated that as many as 350 million people worldwide suffer from it. In turn, insomnia affects up to 30% of the population or every third person on Earth! As it turns out, both depression and insomnia have a […]


Be good – good enough

Ambition is valuable and important to all of us, but at some point, it can also be a source of serious problems and a lot of stress. The drive for perfection, fuelled by social media, is one of the reasons for the growing problem of depression, nervous breakdowns, anxiety, and emotional instability. That is why […]