weighted blankets

How to rest effectively?

The holiday season is in full swing! And you are probably planning your dream holiday. This is an excellent time to think about how to spend your time off work. Many people, however, complain that they don’t rest enough on holiday. Why is that so? Because we want to do too much! Usually, we want […]

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home wear

Home Wear, a new dimension of home clothing

Being at home or working in the home office system does not mean giving up attractiveness and convenience! Until now, home clothing has been associated with tracksuits or other sports clothes. It is supposed to be comfortable and “homely”. You don’t have to compromise attractiveness for convenience! We have designed a limited series of home […]

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A good choice means choose yourself!

After the long pandemic, being locked up at home, working remotely, and having limited contact with other people, the longed-for normality is finally here! It has been an exhausting and challenging time for many of us. Therefore, it is worth taking care of yourself first. What do you think is a GOOD CHOICE? It is […]

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home office


Working in a Home Office can take a toll on anyone. We are getting more and more tired, nervous, and exhausted by the prolonged pandemic situation. Specialists are constantly sounding the warning to take care of ourselves, but how do we do it? How can we stay mentally and physically healthy when we are always […]

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home office

Take care of yourself while in your Home Office

Working from home was probably a dream come true for you at one time. Who of us has not dreamed of relaxed mornings and not being in a rush or having the need to commute to work? The thought of drinking coffee from your favourite mug or doing household chores during breaks was extremely attractive. […]

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