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Psychogenic tension – when the soul gets sick and the body speaks

In the 21st century, it is established knowledge that stress and negative emotions have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Many unpleasant events in our lives can become a source of not only mental, but also physical pain. This generally unconscious process can slowly destroy our body and lead to more diseases, which […]


Time for a change – send your head on holidays!

We will not preach to you, quote the words of philosophers or tell you how to live. In this article, we want to show that simple things can change your everyday life and make each day better. The following “tips” may seem trivial to you, but successes often lie in simplicity. So? It’s time to […]


Is boredom the way to happiness?

We sometimes hear it several times a day – children’s whining such as “Mum, Dad I’m so boooooored”, especially during forced isolation at home. Some are concerned that their child cannot find activities or entertainment on their own, while others are self-motivated to have more intense or creative fun. However, boredom, if treated in a […]


Sleep for better immunity

Although we are aware that sleep brings many health benefits, few of us are aware of just how much depends on it. It turns out that effective rest has a huge impact on the proper functioning of our immune system, which is responsible for keeping most diseases at bay. Frequent or recurrent flu and infections […]


How to get up early and sleep well?

Getting up early is difficult for many reasons – perhaps our sleep is unregulated, or we have small children, or we are stressed out and permanently tired. It’s very hard to greet the day with a smile at the 6 am alarm when we feel like this. Often, our sleep and wake up problems result […]