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Working in a Home Office can take a toll on anyone. We are getting more and more tired, nervous, and exhausted by the prolonged pandemic situation. Specialists are constantly sounding the warning to take care of ourselves, but how do we do it? How can we stay mentally and physically healthy when we are always confined with our family? How do we not go crazy? Introduce some beneficial rituals that will make you feel better. Love yourself, take care of your well-being, and allow yourself a little slack sometimes!

Care rituals

Working in pyjamas has its advantages, but it is essential to introduce daily care habits to help us feel better. Start each day with a soothing ritual – take care of your appearance, drink coffee without haste, and gain positive energy to face new challenges. It’s not just mornings that are important; the time you spend in the evening is especially important. Plan a relaxing bath with a large amount of foam, scatter a pleasant fragrance around you, and enjoy your favourite music. If you meditate, make time for it just before going to bed. Preparing for rest in the evening should be a pleasant routine. Schedule an hour before bedtime without the telephone or other blue light-emitting devices. Read, relax, and don’t think about your problems – all of this will help you fall asleep peacefully and wake up full of energy the next day. Sleep is a pillar of our well-being not only physically but also mentally – let’s take care of its quality together with

Board games are good for everything

If you share your Home Office with your partner and children, you may run into each other quite often, and this can lead to conflict. Unfortunately, tension is inevitable! However, it is important to clear the air and spend time with each other in a relaxed environment. The ideal solution is board games, which are a springboard from the virtual world, stimulate creativity, teach competitive skills, and provide a great time together! There are many games on the market that are adapted to the age and number of players, as well as their expectations. But what if you are home alone? Occupy your mind with something creative – indulge in your passion, find a hobby, or start learning something new. Use this time effectively! And remember to take care of your relationships with other people. If you cannot see each other in person, talk by phone or have visual contact using video chats.

Just let it go

The media is shouting that we must be perfect in everything and that we also need to be smiling and happy all of the time. We bend over backwards to make it so – to have the perfect body, brilliant children, to be leaders at work … But we are finding fewer and fewer reasons for joy. Just let it go! Make a list of the things that are really important to you, then stop for a moment and answer the question, what makes me happy? Does striving for perfection really bring you joy? Do what is right for you. If you constantly work to achieve something that is beyond your ability, you will be constantly frustrated. Love yourself, find the golden mean, and enjoy the little things! Are you unable to complete a certain task at work? Be honest with your boss – he is also human, and he will understand. You don’t like to play with dolls/cars with your child? Suggest games or other activities that you both can enjoy. Learn to let go and be happy!

Ways to relieve stress

Stress accompanies us every day – at work, home, the children, and the list goes on. Specialists emphasize the negative impact of such a state on our body, which is why it is so important to take care of ourselves! How can you deal with stress? Each person will find a different answer to this question because we have individual preferences related to relaxation. Petting a cat or dog, drinking delicious coffee in silence, napping, reading, or maybe watching a movie? Choose something that gives you the greatest joy, and celebrate such moments every day. It is worth using the relaxing power of a weighted blanket or a weighted sleep mask – by stimulating the nervous system, they will allow you to relax and calm the whole body. Even 20 minutes of using these products will help you achieve the desired peace. Give yourself a bit of luxury!

Just move!

Our world is dominated by the media – working remotely, shopping via the Internet, relaxing in front of the TV … And yet it has been known for a long time that movement is healthy! Take care of the necessary daily dose of activity, especially now when you have to spend many hours in a sitting position. We often work in inappropriate conditions – we do not have an ergonomic chair or good lighting. Our body needs other stimuli – movement. We are not talking about long, exhausting workouts! All it takes is an hour walk, a short bike ride, or just dancing. If it is difficult for you to motivate yourself to exercise, you can take advantage of the wide selection of online training videos – dynamic cardio workouts are perfect for more demanding and advanced workouts, and those who prefer quiet exercises can do yoga or Pilates. In addition to paid classes, you can find freebies. Movement provides you with a surge of energy and endorphins, and you will see the difference after just a few days!

How do you take care of yourself? Share your self-care methods with us in a comment on our fan page.

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