Swedes treat insomnia with weighted blankets

In Sweden, for a decade, doctors have been prescribing weighted blankets for people living with insomnia, and patients receive them entirely free of charge. Is it a good alternative to medication? The answer is yes! One of the newest clinical trials conducted in Stockholm proves that weighted blankets are an excellent alternative to drugs. The study aimed to check whether the stimulation of deep sensation and appropriate pressure would improve the well-being of patients, calm them down, and reduce the need for sleep medication. The results support this theory, and the patients themselves gave up drug therapy!

Adults with depression, ADHD, and anxiety disorders

The research group consisted only of adults diagnosed with mental, neurodevelopmental, dementia, or mood disorders. The respondents were divided into appropriate age groups: 18-24 years, 25-64, and 65 and above. The statistics were based on 1,785 patients, and the vast majority were women (72%). People aged 25-64 made up the largest group. The principal diagnosed disorders were anxiety, depression, and ADHD. The patients were taking sleeping pills a year before using the weighted blanket. After 12 months of regularly using the blanket, almost 40% of people quit taking sleeping pills!

The study based on a data register led specialists to important conclusions. Weighted blankets limit the need for sleeping pills, reduce the severity of insomnia, and drastically improve the well-being of people who suffer from anxiety disorders and depression. The ability to reduce the number of drugs was similar in both sexes, proving that women and men can successfully use this type of blanket.

An alternative to drugs

More and more people have insomnia. The reasons are numerous – it can be a symptom of depression or other mental disorder and the effect of stress, anxiety, or a disturbed circadian rhythm. The most popular form of treatment is pharmacology but sleeping pills do not always bring the desired results. In addition, they may cause problems when combined with other medications, so it is worth using alternative therapy.

Swedish scientists have proven that using a weighted blanket helps in the treatment of insomnia. Regular use of a product that stimulates deep sensation makes us fall asleep faster, and our sleep is deeper and more effective. Regardless of what other ailments the patients were diagnosed with, everyone saw an improvement in sleep quality. Finding an alternative therapy for insomnia is extremely important because these drugs often affect human functioning during the day and interfere with proper responses to external stimuli, leading to accidents.

Blanket as a prophylaxis

The weighted blanket can also be used as a prophylactic product in chronic diseases. Using the blanket protects against severe deterioration, calms the person down, and improves well-being in such patients. The study clearly showed that people who used heavier blankets could stop using prescriptions for sleeping pills.  This was especially true of young people suffering from depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Experts emphasize that blankets should be used as a first-line treatment due to their short and long-term effects.

Swedish doctors emphasize that adequate sleep is essential for our well-being, so it is worth taking care of everyone by giving people access to weighted blankets that will affect our physical and mental condition. This is the best investment in public health, especially in a fast-paced world!

Weighted blanket and sleep medication use among adults with psychiatric diagnosis – a population-based register study.

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