5 things you didn’t know about sensory blankets!

The weighted blanket was until recently used only as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of childhood disorders. However today its properties are appreciated by both adults and children who are looking for better sleep. They relax and soothe the nervous system and give an effect similar to a relaxing massage. What else don’t you know about them?

1. It is filled with glass microbeads

The weighted blanket, otherwise known as a sensory blanket, is a unique product. Its function is based primarily on gentle pressure on the body. Its filling is glass microbeads, and the weight of these is selected according to the individual weight of the user (approximately 10% of the total body weight of the user). The glass microbeads have an oval shape and are specially prepared for therapeutic use. Their characteristic feature is the temperature (a few degrees lower than the temperature of the human body) and a distinctive sound while pouring. Such contribution stimulates the proprioceptive system, which increases the awareness of our body, and also improves focus and concentration.  The blanket relaxes, calms down, reduces self-stimulating behaviour and the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty.

2. The weighted blanket acts as a pain reliever

Think about the first thing you do when you fall over, suffer bruising or experience stomach pain? Our natural reflex is to apply pressure to the sore spot, rub it or massage it to minimize pain and discomfort. The sensory blanket works very similarly – with even, gentle pressure giving relief in places where tension and pain accumulate. Its weight causes unpleasant sensations to spread over a larger area of the body, then after time, they begin to disappear.

3. The body feels its effect like a relaxing massage

A good quality weighted blanket has properly spaced stitching to protect against uncontrolled movement of glass microbeads. Their correct placement enables each part of the body to be positively stimulated, just like under the pressure of a masseur’s hand. Although the function of the blanket is more delicate, the brain receives information about the “safe position” under its influence, so the body begins to relax, and the muscles and tendons can rest. Stress hormone levels decrease and happiness hormone production increases. This system means that when we wake up, we feel much more relaxed and full of energy. However, please note that you need to get used to the effect of the blanket, and its beneficial properties will be noticeable after about 7-14 days.

4. It enables you to fall asleep much faster

Do you have problems with insomnia? Or maybe your child cannot fall asleep for hours? The weighted blanket is an ideal solution for various sleep disorders, regardless of age. Both in the case of adults and children, a sensory blanket can shorten the time of falling asleep to up to many minutes! Furthermore, using it prevents frequent waking up, because our sleep becomes much deeper, and therefore effective. It is also an ideal solution for parents who struggle with the problem of their child’s nighttime wandering out of their bedroom.

5. The sensory blanket reduces tension and stress

The action of the weighted blanket is based on stimulating the receptors on the skin that send information to the brain about the safe position of our body at a specific place and time. As a result, the body comes out of a state of tension (“flee or die” response) and relaxes. The pronounced pressure gives the brain a clear indication that it can turn off all alarm systems. The soothing effect of the weighted blanket is very successfully used in the case of hyperactive children. The stress accumulated during the day, fear of excess stimuli or irritation can be quickly eliminated by putting on a weighted blanket.

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