Are you tired? This makes you less attractive to others!

It’s no secret that good sleep affects our entire lives; our well-being, motivation, mental and physical condition. According to Swedish researchers, sleep affects a much broader spectrum of our functioning than we might think, including whether we appear attractive to others or not. Research in this area is unambiguous – sleep plays a key role in our beauty. Do you have problems sleeping? We’ll tell you some unusual ways to help you beat it!

Sleep is the oldest and cheapest way to look beautiful

Although sometimes we would like to hide our fatigue, the human brain is much smarter than you might think. The results of the conducted research show that when we are drowsy, sleepy and tired, our attractiveness in the eyes of others decreases significantly.

Therefore, sleep is a natural treatment for our health and beauty, and “one of the cheapest ways to look better”, states one of the researchers at the Karolinska Insitutet in Stockholm.

What did the research look like? The experiment involved 23 healthy people in the age group of 18-31 years, who were photographed without makeup after a full 8-hour sleep cycle. Then, subsequent photos were taken after 31 hours without sleep, while they had the opportunity to sleep only 5 hours the day before the experiment. It is worth noting that each time portraits were taken in the same place and in the same lighting, as well as with the help of exactly the same equipment. Then the photographs were presented to 65 people who were to assess the people in the photo for their attractiveness, fatigue and healthy appearance. As you can guess, the first photos were rated much higher than the following ones. 

Replace the usual blanket with a weighted one!

The idea of weighting the body as a therapeutic method has been known for over 30 years. At first, the method of gentle pressure was noted to be excellent in the treatment and therapy for autism and gave great results in terms of tranquillizing and soothing the nervous system and sleep disorders in hyperactive children. Today, after a series of thorough tests, it is demonstrated that weighting the body is ideal not only for children with dysfunctions but also for adults struggling with insomnia, shallow sleep, night awakening or permanent fatigue, as well as stress.

A sensory blanket (i.e. weighted blanket) is the perfect solution for this weighting idea which perfectly stimulates the nervous system. How does it work? The skin receptors stimulated by pressure send positive impulses to the brain and information about a specific body position in a given place and space. This, in turn, determines subsequent hormonal processes, because the brain interprets our position as non-threatened and “protected”, as if in the arms of a parent. The effect? The production of cortisol (stress hormone) decreases and the level of serotonin (happiness hormone) increases. The body is so relaxed and devoid of the “fight or flight” response that it falls asleep more easily, and the sleep is deeper and more effective. You’ll see the first results after a week!

Modern ways to sleep better – the magic of CBD oils

If you have already tried everything and still struggle with sleep disorders, then it is worth looking at alternative ways to traditional medicine. Oil with CBD (cannabinoids) has a positive effect on most of the processes taking place in the human body, as well as alleviating and eliminating sleep disorders! Let’s take a look at this amazing substance. CBD is one of the ingredients of marijuana, but one that has no psychoactive properties. It is completely legal, safe and even recommended by doctors and scientists. CBD mimics the effects of naturally occurring substances in the human body. Both human endocannabinoids and plant cannabinoids regulate the basic physiological processes of the human body, such as movement, thirst, appetite, sleep, memory and pain.

As CBD does not contain psychoactive substances, it can be used as a comprehensive therapeutic agent in the treatment of cancer, Lyme disease, depression, panic attacks, migraines, stress, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis and dermatitis.

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