Control Your Anger!

Frustration, irritation, agitation, outrage, anger, annoyance and tension are just a few states that can describe our inner anger. Sometimes we cultivate it for months, and sometimes it appears quite suddenly like an unannounced guest. It is our companion at work, at home, in relationships with other people, during evenings, mornings and regardless of the place. If we cannot get rid of anger, why not try to control it? Learn a few ways to get used to negative emotions and look at them from a healthy distance. 

Anger at home

When you argue with your partner and children are doing great in making you lose your temper, try to turn your negative energy into a useful action.  Cleaning, arranging and organising things will be a great way to ease tension. Such activities will help you in two ways. First of all, they have an important psychological aspect, because cleaning gives a sense of order and harmony that is necessary in the process of building (even a temporary) emotional balance. Second of all, ordering things requires physical involvement, so you can simply get tired which means that the chances of getting rid of anger will be much greater. Physical effort also initiates the secretion of serotonin also known as the “happiness hormone” which will help you to ease the anger. Apart from that, there will be also a very nice side effect – a clean apartment. 

Anger in the car

If you are a driver, then you probably know very well that the behaviour of other drivers can be a real test for your character and self-control. Additionally, when you are running late and others seem to be doing sightseeing tours instead of just driving their cars, the balloon full of your negative emotions may burst quite soon. And thus, you can use a weighted blanket that, thanks to its special filling, will soothe and calm down your nervous system. How does it work? It gives a similar sensation as being hugged. During cuddling with a close person, and when using the blanket, we feel comfortable and our brain starts to produce serotonin which is also called the “happiness hormone”. It also decreases the level of cortisol – a hormone responsible for high blood pressure and triggering a state of tension in our body. All this is achieved thanks to a gentle pressure resulting from a heavier filling of the blanket. You can drive your car with the blanket on your shoulders or knees. 

Anger at work 

Anger connected with your career often stems from the feeling of injustice or inequality and it is not an easy opponent to overcome. Among friends or family, we can sometimes accept a quarrel, lively gestures or raised tones but rage during a meeting with your boss will certainly lead to a disaster and… will get you fired.  Instead of suppressing the anger or considering smashing the keyboard against your desk, it is better to use an alternative. In this case, the best way to ease the tension is to change the environment and go outside. In an ideal situation it should be a walk in a park but, if you cannot do it, just find yourself a cozy place near window and focus just on yourself. This will redirect your thoughts from the negative feelings and you will have a well-deserved break.

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