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Balance® Weighted Blanket Kids Cover

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  • 90×120 cm 90×120 cm
  • 100×150 cm 100×150 cm
  • 110x170 cm 110x170 cm
  • Space Grey (All year)
  • Dark Grey (All year)
  • Poseidon (All year)
  • Space Grey (Cotton)
  • Poseidon (Cotton)
  • Strawberries (Cotton)
  • Super Kitty (Cotton)
  • Moths (Cotton)
  • Cowy (Cotton)
  • Space Cats (Cotton)
  • Roses (Cotton)
  • Rainbow Horses (Cotton)
  • Purple Field (Cotton)

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Choose a cover for you to match the season, your style, or your mood!

The year-round cover is made of plush fabric and velour. It is delightful to the touch and designed to provide warmth on cold winter days. It’s also perfect for those who are always too cold, even in the summertime.

Our summer covers are lightly cool, thanks to 100% cotton on one side. The other side is the same velour as the standard cover. The summer cover is recommended for hot days or for those who are always too hot.

All our covers fit Balance® blankets.

Balance® Weighted Blanket Rainbow Horses

All our products are manufactured exclusively in Europe and all the materials we use are certified.

It is important for us that the entire production process is based on fair working conditions. Thanks to production in Europe, we keep supply chains short and thus reduce the environmental impact.

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