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Our products are entirely made in Europe, only from certified materials, with respect to the principles of sustainable production.

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High quality therapy pillows

Features of the therapy pillow

3 options

The therapy pillow has a breathable, soft cover and is available in 3 different options:

  1. Pillowcase with fir wool insert.
  2. A pillowcase with an insert made of silicone balls.
  3. Our classic pillowcase alone.


The cozy filling and the released fragrances have a calming effect on the nervous system, making it easier to fall asleep and ensuring a long sleep.


The breathable and cozy pillowcase with a zipper is made of high-quality cotton on both sides. The wood to fill the pillow is obtained only from naturally dead trees.

High-quality therapeutic pillows

Properties of the therapeutic pillow

Better sleep

Fir shavings have a very pleasant scent. Fir wool has a calming effect, its smell relaxes you and improves sleep.

Stress reduction

Fir wool also affects our well-being. In case of stress and problems with calming down, its natural smell can have a beneficial effect on our body and alleviate anxiety.

Pillow filled with fir wool, silicone balls or just a classic pillowcase

Structure of the therapeutic pillow

  1. Option: Pillowcase with fir wool insert.
  2. Option: Pillowcase with silicone balls.
  3. Option: The classic pillowcase.
structure of the therapeutic pillow
therapeutic pillow insert

Soft filling

Choose the type of filling

The insert of the pillow is made of fir wool or silicone balls

Sustainable development

The best European quality

Therapeutic pillows are produced exclusively in Europe, and the cotton used in their production is certified and comes from sustainable crops. The wood used for the filling comes exclusively from naturally fallen trees.


Key Information


Therapeutic pillows are a mild and natural alternative that can help you with your sleep problems and make you feel better. By using therapeutic pillows, you benefit from the effects of wood species and aromas that have long been used in medicine. In addition to the bacteriostatic effect of many wood species, it has also been proven that some wood species have a positive effect on well-being and sleep. For example, the use of Swiss stone pine in the bedroom ensures a lower heart rate during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the wood used in the pillow insert come from?

Wood chips used inside of our pillows are harvested from dead or naturally falling trees. We guarantee that no tree will be cut to make our pillow!

Can the pillowcase be washed?

The breathable pillowcase with a zipper is made of high-quality cotton. It can be easily removed and washed at 40°C.

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Organic cotton

Manufactured in Europe

Sustainable production

100% Vegan


High Quality

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