Time for a change – send your head on holidays!

We will not preach to you, quote the words of philosophers or tell you how to live. In this article, we want to show that simple things can change your everyday life and make each day better. The following “tips” may seem trivial to you, but successes often lie in simplicity. So? It’s time to go on holidays!

The everyday life of an average adult is like a rollercoaster. Work, children, home, offices, meetings, deadlines … A million thoughts per minute, chaos in the morning, battling fatigue in the evening, then planning the next day once again occupying your mind; It’s more like a puzzle than a schedule.

Time for a break and rest!

Adequate rest is fundamental to your well-being. Sleep and rest are programmed for each cell of our body – like the password to the main server, we must know and enter it to access its content. But how? First of all, you must treat your sleep as something good, not as an activity that takes valuable time away from work. You should sleep at least 5 and a half hours and regulate your day mode, just like you do with children. An hour before going to bed we need to calm down (shower, book), turn off phones and laptops (ruthlessly), and in bed, we should recall pleasant situations, things and experiences. Every night should start and end with a positive thought; this is more important than you think. For example, before falling asleep and waking up, you can mentally say 3 things that you are grateful for.

Let yourself … feel a little pressure

Although we associate sensory exercises with children, according to research, some therapeutic techniques are extremely beneficial in reducing stress in adults. One of them is the method of gentle pressure, which has a very interesting effect on the functioning of our brain and body. This technique is also used during massages or Chinese medicine. However, we don’t usually have a spa to relax in at home or work. Gentle pressure can be achieved with a weighted blanket, which is used to treat chronic stress, tension and insomnia. It consists of glass microbeads that create a feeling of pressure on the body, so information is sent to the brain that we are “covered”, and therefore safe. In this way, we turn on the sleep mode, the level of cortisol decreases, and in its place, there is an increased production of serotonin. We can use such a blanket for an afternoon nap, to cover your back or legs at work or just sleep under it.

Have less

If you want to escape from intrusive thoughts and catch some breath, then you can’t live in chaos. Fortunately, as a society, we are concerned about the consequences of consumerism and are increasingly choosing the “no waste” or “have less” lifestyle. This is not only a great opportunity to save and focus on what is important, but also a way to think fewer toxic thoughts. Following trends blindly, chasing money and acquiring more possessions, turns out to be extremely harmful to our body. Undoubtedly, you have once seen documentaries about African villages where people spend their days together, children enjoy learning without computers and devices, and yet everyone seems happy because they have each other. Meanwhile, Western cultures are living in luxury, increasingly needing various therapies and experiencing multiple serious social problems.  Choice is a luxury to many, so cherish your options and choose wisely. PS. Organizing your possessions gives you a precious opportunity to get rid of things that simply spoil your mood.

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