Michaela Gross

Michaela GrossNaturopath/Homeopath in psychotherapy in a private clinic in Cologne

„My patients find it easier to regulate their breathing rate. As a result, they relax much faster and can concentrate better on their inner needs.”

How did you come up with the idea of using weighted blankets?

I have heard about them from many patients who use them successfully to improve the quality of their sleep.

What do you think about using a weighted blanket?

I specifically ordered the summer model, but unfortunately, it’s still too warm for me under the blanket, so it rather bothered me. But this is undoubtedly due to the summer nights and hot flat. I found the weight of the blanket to be extremely pleasant. The ‘gentle’ pressure of the weight of the blanket is very pleasant – almost calming.

In what medical areas do you think it is worth using weighted blankets? Where are you already using weighted blankets successfully? And where else do you see potential/need?

In my opinion, it is excellent for people with sympathetic nervous system disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, job burnout, stress, etc.) who can relax and calm themselves more through gentle pressure. Children and adolescents can certainly use the blanket. For example, it helps with attachment disorders, ADD, etc. The blanket helps create a sense of security, as this is precisely what such children need. However, blankets can also be used for relaxation.

Where are you already using weighted blankets successfully? And where have they not yet been used, but you see the great potential?

As I am a hypnotherapist by training and, in addition, specialise in trauma therapy. I have already covered two patients with it and put them into a trance. The patients reported that they quickly adapted to the weight of the blanket and found it pleasant and helpful. In hypnosis and trauma therapy (e.g., in psychodynamic therapy), it is all about feeling safe. Both therapeutic approaches work with inner needs. Due to the weight of the blanket, in my opinion, physiological and vegetative calming occurs much faster. My patients regulate their breathing rate more quickly. As a result, they relax much more rapidly and can concentrate on their inner needs better.

Your conclusion from a personal and medical point of view

My conclusion is definitely that weighted blankets can regulate the autonomic nervous system, and their weight can be experienced as pleasure by the user. Patients undergoing anxiety or trauma will fall asleep more easily because they receive a hugging sensation, which can positively affect sleep hygiene. Patients who are afraid to fall asleep may have feelings of being ‘cuddled’. Children who have problems falling asleep and poor sleep quality may feel like they have relearned how to sleep. And in my opinion, the clinical diagnosis behind the indication for a therapeutic blanket is not needed. It is essential to work with it preventatively!

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