Przemysław Dymer

Przemysław Dymer

Przemysław Dymer Osteopath, Master of Physiotherapy

„Weighted blankets are medical products used in the treatment of many disorders. The latest research proves that it has a significant impact on sleep and chronic stress. I recommend using weighted blankets to people who struggle with insomnia or have problems falling asleep.”

Thanks to the appropriately selected weight of a blanket, the body relaxes and its user calms down. Patients describe it as a very feeling similar to being hugged. Thanks to this sensation, they have no trouble falling asleep and sleep much better.

The second large group that I recommend using weighted blankets to are people who live in constant stress. Weighted products gently stimulate muscles, which makes you relaxed, calms you down and improves your well-being.

In addition, I recommend weighted blankets to athletes who often come to me with various types of recurrent pain. The so called deep pressure stimulation allows the muscles to regenerate faster, relaxes them and gives you a feeling of relaxation. I believe that it is a great way to support rehabilitation.

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