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What is a Gravity Blanket®?

A gravity blanket® is a high quality handmade blanket that can help with sleep disorders, restlessness, as well as developmental disorders such as ADHD, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or autism. In addition, it has become a beneficial tool used in therapy for sensory integration disorders.
The gravity blanket® distributes weight evenly to the body, creating the feeling of a gentle, loving embrace. Therefore, the body relaxes on its own. Stress and anxiety levels drop and you can peacefully fall asleep and feel rested.

Gravity blankets® are more than just a therapeutic remedy. They have been wonderfully designed, as a soft blanket that can be used comfortably every day of the year.

How does the Gravity Blanket® work?

As the name suggests, a gravity blanket® is not an ordinary blanket. It is custom made according to the customer’s body weight and height. The low pressure exerted by the weight of the gravity blanket®, has a relaxing effect on joints, muscles and tendons. It helps customers feel rested physically and psychologically.

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