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What is the difference between the Gravity Blanket® and the other weighted blankets?

Our Gravity Blankets® are custom made in Europe, using ultra-soft and breathable 100% organic, hypoallergenic and certified cotton (Öko Tex Standard 100 seal). They are quilted and sewn into square sections to create pockets for the glass micro bead filling, that will produce the acquired weight and ensure that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed over the entire length & width.
In addition, the Gravity Blanket® is stuffed with extra soft filling to make it cozier and a bit warmer, but not too warm . Also the Gravity Blanket® comes with a soft outer cover shell, which is made of plush on one side and velvet on the other side (also hypoallergenic). We are proud to say that the Gravity Blanket® is a great quality product, that can be used therapeutically all year round in any season and temperature.
All this and more make our Gravity Blankets® more effective, practical and more comfortable than the other weighted blankets.

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