Weighted Neck Wrap – for adults and children

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  • 1 kg (40x50cm) 1 kg (40x50cm)
  • 2 kg (50x60cm) 2 kg (50x60cm)
  • 3 kg (70x55cm) 3 kg (70x55cm)

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Who is the weighted collar made for?

Bent shoulders, bad posture, and pain in the shoulder area are just external signs of fatigue and all-day stress. Migraines and headaches are much more serious consequences of this condition.

The weighted collar that places a gentle pressure on the body is the best way to relieve tension in the shoulder area and relieve pain. It is made of high-quality soft fabrics. Thanks to the silicone lining, it adapts perfectly to the body.

Weighted Neck Wrap
Home Office set

The weighted collar provides a pleasant body relaxation around the neck and shoulders. It also has a beneficial effect on our posture – it helps to keep an upright position. It will also help us to remember to maintain the appropriate posture, especially when we do not have a chair adapted to office work.

People experiencing constant stress can thus easily reduce its effects – muscle contractions around the shoulders and neck, headaches, hunched body, back pain.

Key Information

Size and weight

The weighted collar  is available in our store in 3 sizes:

  • 40x50cm (weight 1kg) – for people weighing up to 20kg
  • 50x60cm (weight 2kg) – for people weighing between 20-50kg
  • 70x55cm (weight 3kg) – for people weighing more than 50kg


  • The weighted collar is made of two fabrics – it is trimmed with a soft and pleasant to the touch velveteen on the top, and 100% cotton on the underside.
  • The collar is filled with glass microbeads and a layer of insulation.

How to clean it?

  • The weighted collar should be washed at 30°C.
  • The collar should not be tumble dried. After washing, hang up or spread out and leave until dry.
  • Do not spin dry, or select a spin program at low speed.
  • Do not iron

Shipping and payment information

Transport by UPS courier service
1-2 working days
Production time
5-10 working days
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Manufactured in Europe

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100% Vegan


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